to Launch at XBIZ Hollywood

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES – Attorney Michael W. Fattorosi has announced the upcoming launch of a new adult industry legal information portal,, which is slated to coincide with the upcoming XBIZ Hollywood Conference.

Fattorosi, of the law firm Fattorosi & Chisvin, will also moderate the "Protect Your Assets" seminar at the XBIZ event.

“While in I was in law school I helped develop one of the first attorney legal research websites,” Fattorosi said. “I saw an opportunity to provide relevant legal information to this industry, targeted for the small business owner.”

Smaller operators within the adult industry have often had to forego expert legal advice due to the expense of retaining qualified counsel, Fattorosi said.

“ is for the little guy that can’t afford big retainer fees but still needs legal guidance and advice,” Fattorosi said.

The new website will offer daily updates of adult legal news, as well as periodic updates on important case law, along with articles on various topics, ranging from intellectual property to free speech, employment law to Internet law, contracts and more.

The site's members-only area will offer a searchable database of adult entertainment statutes and case law from around the country, adult industry forms and contracts. Members will also be able to incorporate their company and secure trademarks and copyrights for their intellectual property through the website.

Through a special deal with Y-Tracker, Fattorosi will offer free downloads of 2257 compliance software, as well.

The site will also feature categorized and archived online video seminars on topics ranging from obscenity law to choosing the right camera for content production.