Collin O’Neal Production in Midst of Al-Qaeda Attack

Joanne Cachapero
MIAMI, Fla. — Gay producer Collin O’Neal recently returned from the Middle East and reported that he and models Jean Franko and Jesus Betancourt were almost caught amidst an anti- Al Qaeda attack in the Turkish city of Gaziantep. The group was in Turkey to shoot content for O’Neal’s World of Men website and

The anti Al-Qaeda incident was reported in the Turkish Daily News, as well as other international publications.

O’Neal, Betancourt, Franko and a Syrian model named Jacko were leaving their hotel for a sightseeing tour of the local museum in Gaziantep when there was gunfire and an explosion; the group was unaware that Turkish police had mounted an offensive against a terrorist cell at a location just around the corner.

“I heard gunfire and then what sounded like two explosions followed by people fleeing through the streets and police cars came from nowhere flying towards the scene,” O’Neal said.

The group continued on to the museum and, after arriving there, watched the incident unfold on a live local news broadcast with museum security guards on a portable TV.

“The safety of my models is always my main priority so I evaluated the situation and I thought it was best to return to our hotel as quickly and safely as possible,” O’Neal said.

Once back at the hotel, O’Neal and the models were able to shoot a threesome scene, which is scheduled to appear on O’Neal’s site on Feb. 7.

O’Neal is well known for producing content shot in exotic, overseas locations with performers from all over the world. For more information on O’Neal’s travels abroad, visit his blog.