‘Crazy’ Cabbie Enters Adult Arena

Steve Javors
NEW YORK — Radio personality and former “Howard Stern Show” regular “Crazy” Cabbie has thrown his hat into the ring of adult entertainment as a director. The garrulous funnyman’s first movie is being released by Pleasure Productions.

A lifelong fan of adult entertainment since his job at a porn theater as an 18-year-old in Minneapolis, Cabbie has formed a production company, East Coast XXXtreme. He told XBIZ that he plans to initially shoot what he described as fun, hardcore, reality-style movies and Internet content.

All East Coast XXXtreme releases are shot in high-definition.

Cabbie also plans to launch CabbieXXX.com, which would function as his main adult site.

“I think I bring something totally different to the porno buffet than the glut of what’s out there,” Cabbie said. “I’m a huge fan of porn and that translates to what I film.”

Cabbie met Pleasure Productions owner Frank K through mutual friends and the deal the pair struck calls for Pleasure to distribute the debut release from East Coast XXXtreme.

The company’s first title is “Please Pay My Tuition,” which already has been shot and is in editing, Cabbie explained. The next two movies are tentatively titled “Kate Frosted Flakes” starring Kate Frost, and “Your Mom’s Holes,” a MILF-themed movie.

Cabbie expects his first movie to be released within the next two months.

“I was looking for a deal that would allow us to own our own content and basically operate as our own entity with another company acting as our distributor,” Cabbie said.

While Cabbie is currently based on the East Coast, he expects to move to Los Angeles in the near future to ramp up his content production.

After serving a year in federal prison for a tax evasion conviction that was prompted by his own unwitting admission on Stern’s show, Cabbie dabbled in other media ventures after being released in July 2006. He famously won $100,000 in a boxing match against former Whack Packer and current “Tonight Show” announcer “Stuttering” John Melendez.

“The landscape of radio changed when I was in prison,” Cabbie said. “So when I got out, I was trying to get back to what I used to do and it just wasn’t the same anymore. I never got back on the air fulltime like I thought I was going to. For 15 years I made a lot of people a lot of money in radio. I was explosive, I was controversial and I gave great interviews. The offers just didn’t come to me after I was locked up like I had expected them to.”

Cabbie explained that he had offers outside of New York, but due to his roots in the area, he declined, saying, “I didn’t want to start over again in some small town. New York is the biggest media market and I made my bones there. I wasn’t about to take a step down just to get back on the air.”

Turning to the opportunity presented by satellite radio, Cabbie held a weekly gig on the Faction channel on Sirius satellite radio. He also returned to WXRK K-Rock in New York for spot duty, but sought a full-time slot that never came.

He explained that the impetus to begin filming his own adult movies was born out of the thrill he gets from “watching people fuck.” Cabbie cites the work of Jules Jordan and Evil Angel directors John Leslie, Joey Silvera and Jonni Darkko as inspirational to him, as well.

“I feel that there is one big entertainment industry — music, movies, radio, porn — it’s all about creating a product that entertains people,” Cabbie said. “But in some way, it all comes back to porn because it plays off everyone’s primal urge to fornicate. Is there anything better than watching people fuck? Yes there is: Filming people fucking for other people to watch.”

Filming Internet content and launching a series of websites also is on Cabbie’s drawing board. In addition to CabbieXXX.com, he cites ownership of the domains BigTitUniversity.com and SpiltMILF.com (along with 250 others) as projects he’d like to develop.

Though not conventionally schooled as a director, Cabbie’s philosophy is to “shoot what you love.”

“Shooting porn is something I’m truly passionate about,” he said. “Everything in life that I’ve done with such passion I’ve succeeded at. I’m excited for people to see my fine fuck flicks.”

East Coast XXXtreme is searching for the right distribution deal. Interested parties can contact Cabbie via email at cabbie@cabbiexxx.com.