Brittany CoxXx 1st Video Slated by Pleasure Productions

Joanne Cachapero
VAN NUYS, Calif. —Brittany CoxXx has been slated to appear in her first title as a TS performer, since her male-to-female transition and former identity as gay male performer Stonie. The video will be directed by veteran performer/director Paul Barresi for Pleasure Productions and is yet untitled.

“We’re going to take full advantage of the transformation,” Barresi told XBIZ. The director had worked with CoxXx, as Stonie, many times in the past when Stonie was a contract performer for Regiment Productions, the gay military line produced for Pleasure Production by Barresi.

“[Stonie] did all that military macho stuff. He was quite a sportsman — very athletic and really physical — and that makes this transition all the more exciting,” Barresi said.

According to Barresi, owner of Pleasure Productions Frank K. was enthusiastic at the idea of Stonie returning to performing in her new gender identity.

“All I did was send him a picture, and said, ‘Guess who this is? Stonie is now Brittany.’ And Frank flipped out and said, ‘Shoot the video. Whatever you do, shoot it,’” Barresi said.

Production is slated to start in February, and though Barresi is still finalizing the cast list, he said that performer Carmen Cruz had signed on to the project. He also said that he would use footage of CoxXx as Stonie, from past Regiment Productions, in order to create a flashback sequence for the movie.

“I don’t think that it has been done before,” Barresi said, “to show the transition. But he’s as equally as beautiful as a women, as he was good-looking as a young man.”

Asked whether or not the transition might affect Brittany’s performance in anyway, Barresi speculated that would improve Coxxx’s confidence.

“I think she’ll be better. In all honest, her performances when she was Stonie, they were good,” Barresi said. “But I think it’s true that life imitates art and that maybe Stonie wasn’t comfortable in that skin. But now that Stonie is Brittany, she’s going to really let loose.”

CoxXx’s public relations manager David Forest said CoxXx had been waiting a long time to make the transition, and that there has never been another performer that went from being an active gay male adult actor to a new life as a TS performer. So far, Forest said, reaction to the change has been very positive.

“I’m really looking forward to working again with Pleasure Productions and Paul Barresi,” CoxXx said. “It’s funny how things happen in life. Everything seems to come full circle.”