AMG Brasil Has ‘Green’ Sale on DVDs

Joanne Cachapero
EL CERRITO, Calif. — Gay production company Athletic Model Guild has “gone green” with its AMG Brasil line, shot entirely on location in Brazil.

The studio will offer discounted prices on its award-nominated, double-disc title “Amazônia: Capture” and “Amazônia: Release” as well as other DVDs on the AMG Brasil website.

“Going green has become such a huge marketing tool, that’s its almost lost its importance,” AMG president and creative director Dennis Bell said. “It seems like anyone can slap a ‘friendly to trees’ sticker on their product and call it green.

“In that spirit, we’ve declared ‘Amazônia’ the ‘greenest porn picture of 2007,’” Trout said. “Once you’ve seen it I don’t think there’s anything to argue. The entire film is shot against the lush green vegetation native to Brazil.”

The company announced in September that it would donate part of revenues to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), for a special fund earmarked especially for the Amazonian rainforests.

The donation fund will continue to accumulate throughout 2008, and donations to the WWF will be made in memory of Danny Roddick, the “Amazônia” star that passed away shortly before the title was released.

“Seriously, we want to make a significant contribution to the WWF because they’ve done a lot of work toward saving the rainforest that we used as a location for much of 2007,” Bell said.

Starting yesterday, DVDs purchased at the AMG Brasil store page will be discounted 25 percent, and for each sale of “Amazônia: Capture” or “Amazônia: Release” a dollar will be donated to WWF.

The sale will continue until Feb. 15.