CMD Helps Spark Cockring Trend With New Collections

Anne Winter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult metalwork company California Metal Design (CMD) has released its first aluminum and stainless steel cockring collections, which include a new style made to be worn at the head of the penis.

CMD owner Neal Danielis told XBIZ that he decided to release these new series following customer request and the market's need for variety in its metal cockring options.

"It's something new," Danielis said. "We had a few people ask us to make something like that."

Danielis said that the cockrings worn at the head of the penis are purely for aesthetic purposes, and are a new trend he's seen in the cockring world.

"The main things out there are the chrome [products]," Danielis said. "That's why we came out with something different to give people choices."

The Stainless Designer Series are the same weight as the chrome versions, but Danielis said that the collection will last longer because there is no chrome layer to chip off from frequent use.

The Stainless Designer Series is available in three different widths in both the traditional cockring style and the narrower version for the shaft and penis head.

The lighter-weight Excalibur aluminum collection is available in two different finishes — mirror and satin — and in two shapes, wide or donut. This, too, offers wearers the option to wear a traditional cockring or a shaft ring.

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