Matt Zane Talks About Suspension Tonight on KSEX

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Adult director/musician/performance artist Matt Zane will appear on “Baadmaster’s Dungeon” tonight at 6 p.m. PST on adult Internet channel

Despite rumors that the radio station will be temporarily off the air today and tomorrow, Zane has confirmed that his interview will be broadcast.

He will be discussing his recent suspension, which broke illusionist Criss Angel’s 2002 record.

Angel’s record stood at 5 hours and 42 minutes for a suspension performed on eight hooks, above a crowd in Times Square.

On Jan. 11, in Las Vegas, Zane hung from four hooks for 6 hours, going a full 18 minutes over Angel’s time, but Zane concedes that — technically — he did not beat that record.

“Quite honestly, Criss Angel’s record would still stand because he would hold the record for the eight-hook suspension, and I would for four hooks,” Zane told XBIZ. “So, if I really wanted to eradicate his record what I should have done was used eight hooks and then beat him and that would have pushed him out of the [Guinness] book.

“But I wasn’t really interested in beating him, in terms of the hooks. I really wanted to rub it in, in a sense, and do it with only four,” Zane added.

“People that don’t know much about suspension have emailed me and said, ‘Well, you didn’t really beat it because you didn’t use as many hooks.’ Because they’re thinking more hooks, more pain,” he said. “That’s not necessarily the way that it works — it’s less, hooks more pain.”

Zane pointed out also that Angel’s suspension was performed in a “Superman” position, making for more equal weight distribution, whereas when Zane was suspend, he hung in an upright position with hooks piercing his upper back and shoulder area.

And though Zane’s performance was unsanctioned and not able to be recognized by Guinness because of logistical limitations, Zane was observed by hundreds of onlookers as a digital clock counted down his time. According to Zane, some of his crew reported that Angel had also observed part of his performance from the crowd, dressed in a beard and disguise so as not to be discovered.

A controversy seems to be brewing between Zane and Angel; according to the Zane camp, all references to the Las Vegas suspension were removed from the discussion boards on Angel’s website after fans started asking questions and posting information about the record.

“Now his fans have to admit that Criss isn't number one concerning one of his stunts,” Zane said. “This has generated a lot of speculation on his site to whether or not Criss would try to beat my record. I do not think he is up for it and I believe he just wants this whole thing to go away."

Fans can also go to and purchase “Angel Killer” T-shirts with a picture of Zane’s pierced back, as well as other branded merchandise for Zane’s band Society 1.

Originally inspired to do suspension as part of the act with Society 1, Zane had taken a hiatus from music as well as suspension when he decided to return to directing adult videos.

After releasing his comeback title “Tattooed & Tight 1” last year, Zane was approached by rocker Dave Navarro to do a suspension for Navarro’s Internet TV show Spread Entertainment and footage from that suspension was featured in “Punk’d Ur Ass 1,” where Zane is seen picking up Pleasure Productions contract performer Tera Wray as he is hanging. That stunt was followed by another suspension at Houston’s Pornotopia show in November.

Video clips of Zane’s various suspension performances can be seen on YouTube.

But Zane said that the record-breaking hanging in Las Vegas was the most excruciating pain he’d ever had in his life. Towards the end of the attempt, he said that his senses became confused and that he felt close to an out-of-body experience.

“I’m think I’m going to take about a year off from suspending,” Zane said.