Kane O’Farrell Returns in ‘Paradise Found’

Joanne Cachapero
Kane O’Farrell Returns in ‘Paradise Found’ SUBHEAD: New title from Buckshot Productions features the popular performer satisfying an oral fixation. SAN FRANCISCO — COLTStudio Group has announced the return of performer Kane O’Farrell in upcoming Buckshot Productions release “Paradise Found.”

Kane appears in the video with Buckshot Man Antton Harri, as the pair sample a tropical feast of bananas, berries and whipped cream against the backdrop of an exotic Hawaiian mountainside.

“Paradise Found was one of those magical productions where everything just fell into place,” Buckshot director Kristofer Weston told XBIZ.

“The natural ability of the actors like Kane O'Farrell and Alex Chandler to act and the breathtaking location made it one of the best movies I've ever had the pleasure to work on.”

“Paradise Found” also stars Zack Randall, Jason Ridge, Dean Phoenix, Tory Mason and Toby O’Connor.

To view the trailer, click here.

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