Dave Levine on The Millionaire Matchmaker

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES – SexToy.com's Dave Levine has appeared on Bravo television's latest reality series, The Millionaire Matchmaker, which debuted on January 22.

The new show profiles Patti Stanger, the founder of an elite matchmaking service based in Los Angeles, as she helps to connect wealthy men with the beautiful and intelligent woman of their dreams.

Stanger's services, however, go beyond setting up dates to include personal advice and makeovers for the hopeful bachelors.

According to the Bravo website, the show "will follow Stanger and her dogged staff as they give their big-bucks clients complete transformations with the help of personal shoppers, interior designers, date coaches, and therapists."

"If a man or woman wants to woo and win a 'Perfect 10', he or she must become a 'Perfect 10' both internally and externally in order to reach that objective," Stanger said in a recent press release.

Each episode of the show will feature two wealthy men who are set up on dates with potentially compatible women, hand-picked by Stanger based upon their beauty and intelligence.

In its first episode, The Millionaire Matchmaker featured Dave Levine from SexToy.com and a man named Harold as the two wealthy gentlemen looking for that special someone.

Stanger tried to get the easy-going Levine to be less forthcoming about his involvement in the adult industry and to remove the stripper pole from his living room, saying that the pole sends the wrong message to relationship-minded women. "Design interventionist" Dave Sander agreed that removing the pole would make Levine's home more "female-friendly."

Levine, revealing that he wants a girl like Paris Hilton, proceeded to demonstrate some pretty decent pole-dancing skills to the stunned Stanger.

It was Levine's turn to be stunned, however, by Stanger's insistent "no sex" policy, which forbids clients to engage in sex with their dates until they're in a committed, monogamous relationship.

The reality show focuses on the back story to running a dating service for millionaires, including the challenges of finding appropriate girls for the clients. During interviews with potential matches, Stanger told the girls that Levine is "a cute, smart, entrepreneur who may be a little too nice."

Levine was assured that the girls Stanger selected for him would be "great and beautiful."

"I'm not sure what I'm getting into," Levine said. "[But] I'm used to 'great and beautiful' in L.A."

As to what the ladies can expect, "I give lap dances," Levine offered.

Commenting on the expectations of some of her clients, Stanger remarked that the perfect woman has to be "Madonna in the bedroom; Martha Stewart in the kitchen and Mary Poppins in the nursery."

"I need a certain kind of girl that can mesh with my personality," Levine said. "I want someone that I can continue to have fun with."

Stanger introduced Levine to an attractive young lady named Brooke; a Harvard educated medical researcher that seemed open-minded about Levine's business – but perhaps not his parties with industry-friends – and that didn't work out too well.

"I think I can get it my way," Levine said. "It's just going to take a little longer."

The show ended with a screen declaring that "Dave is still looking for the one who will love him for who he is.... stripper pole and all."

According to its website, The Millionaire's Club offers a growing roster of over 25,000 women from around the world and boasts that nearly four out of five men have entered into relationships as a result of using the service. Stanger claimed to be responsible for 300 marriages and 400-500 relationships.

Fees for gentleman using the service begin at $20,000 per year.