Digital Playground: Teagan Free to Work for Others

Steve Javors
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground has dispelled rumors that former contract star Teagan Presley isn’t free to work for other adult companies. Digital Playground publicist Adella O’Neal told XBIZ that Presley has the studio’s blessing to perform or direct for other studios as DP works with her to terminate her contract.

O’Neal felt compelled to respond to a controversial thread on in which Presley asserts that the company is preventing her from working with other adult studios.

“She is completely free and clear to perform for other companies; in fact, she’s already worked for Zero Tolerance while we are working on terminating her contract,” O’Neal said. “She is 100 percent free to create her own product, direct her own product and distribute it as she sees fit.”

Digital Playground has retained noted adult industry attorney Greg Piccionelli to work on formally dissolving Presley’s contract, which O’Neal called a “standard procedure.” O’Neal said that neither ownership over Presley’s name nor a noncompete clause is holding up the process. Presley confirmed those aren’t the issues at hand in the ADT thread.

“We’re not seeking any legal action against her in any form or anything else,” O’Neal said. “When we split with Teagan, it was amicable and still is. We really don’t know where this is coming from.”

Presley split with DP in November after three years with the studio, which included two hiatuses for maternity leave.

“We’ve been trying to straighten things out [and] of course we are going to go back and forth,” Presley posted on ADT. “There is no train wreck. It’s nothing that isn’t on the Internet already or hasn't already been said. But the fact is that if we keep quiet every time, just like we always have, people mistake that for weakness.Which makes me feel the need [to comment].”