S.C. Man Turns Himself in to Face Obscenity Charges

Q Boyer
CHESTER, S.C. — A man suspected of selling DVDs depicting bestiality has turned himself in to face charges of distributing obscene materials.

Police searched the home of Mark Long Jr. in November and found more than 1,500 adult DVDs, according to Det. Scott Thompson of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Thompson said that it is not clear whether Long produced the DVDs in question, or whether any of the women shown having sex with animals were from the Chester County area.

Following the search of Long’s home, police seized 150 allegedly counterfeit music CDs, 1,300 DVDs containing newly released movies, Long’s personal computer and a small quantity of marijuana.

In addition to the obscenity charge, police said that Long may face multiple charges relating to the sale of counterfeit DVDs.

While copyright and trademark violations are typically prosecuted under federal law, resulting in either federal criminal charges or a lawsuit brought by the mark-holder in federal civil court, S.C. does have state laws that prohibit knowingly selling items with counterfeit marks. Under these statutes, use of a registered or unregistered mark that has not been authorized by the mark-holder constitutes a counterfeit mark.

Depending on the assessed total value of the alleged counterfeit materials found in Long’s home, and whether this is his first offense relating to counterfeit materials, he could face fines of up to $50,000 and a maximum prison term of five years.

At a hearing this week, Long’s bond was set at $10,000. Long posted bond and was released later the same day.