Doc Johnson Debuts Belladonna Toy Line

Anne Winter
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has released its newest celebrity-branded line of sex toys for adult performer and Evil Angel director Belladonna.

Aiden Kelly, Belladonna's business partner, told XBIZ that the line includes more than six different vibrators and dildos made and packaged to fit Belladonna's persona. The collection is pink, larger sized and features possibly the first fist mold made for a woman.

"[The fists] are probably going to be the biggest sellers," Kelly said. "Female fans are already talking about [them]. Not everyone wants a finger-size dildo."

Kelly also said that Belladonna was molded for two separate ass and pussy molds, each one featuring her hands prying the molds open in a different way. He said she played a significant role in her collections' design to be sure it was unlike anything else out there.

"It's special to have something that no one else has," Belladonna told XBIZ. "I saw all the other [star-branded lines] and then I saw mine [on the shelf] and it was like, 'BAM!'"

Kelly said that most of Doc Johnson's star lines are packaged and styled in the traditional "pretty-girl" way, and he and Belladonna were adamant that her line stands out from the rest. The two said they are very happy with the result.

Evil Angel's Karen Stagliano told XBIZ that Belladonna's line is the first full collection branded by one of the studio's exclusive directors, and the fact that it's of high quality and accurately matches Belladonna's image makes her confident it will do wonders for all three brands.