All Boys Distribution Releases 3rd Seymore Dicks Title

Jeremy Spencer
SOUTH PARIS, Maine — All Boys Distribution has released Seymore Dicks’ third title, “Bareback Twink Orgy.”

The movie has a Jan. 31 street date.

“This is definitely the best film that Seymore has released to date,” All Boys President Rob Ragan said. “It’s a true-blue, raunchy orgy.”

“This was an exhausting film to produce,” director Seymore Dicks said. “It was during the long summer season and we had no air conditioning. The boys just fucked and sucked and sweated their balls off for this film.”

All Boys has been distributing Dicks’ titles since he started producing them in 2006. The first two titles released were “All American Dick” and “Erotic Bareback Dreams.”

“We have a really strong line with Seymore,” All Boys’ postproduction manager Jayson Hanson said. “It’s shot in the tradition of a Treasure Island title but with really cute, young twink models. We expect really good movement on this one.”

“All Boys has been on a roll lately,” Ragan said. “With all of the studios we’ve signed over the last year — and the many more coming — I’ve been looking forward to being able to put out a new title from Seymore. The guy is an erotic genius.

“It’s too bad he’s such a perfectionist because then I could release more films from him,” he said. “He just won’t release anything unless it’s absolutely perfect. His standards, I am happy to say, are extremely high.”

To order “Bareback Twink Orgy,” contact Rob Ragan at (877) 5-ALLBOY or email him at *