Sunset Thomas Chooses Fan to Perform With Her in Final Adult Movie

Bob Preston
LAS VEGAS — Chris Bellis from Windgap, Pa., will perform with Vavoom Films contract star Sunset Thomas in her final XXX performance.

The upcoming movie will be distributed by LFP. LFP and Vavoom Films hosted a party over AEE weekend at Olympic Gardens to choose the finalists and eventually the winner.

Bellis beat out hundreds of other hopefuls by coming out to Las Vegas and meeting with Thomas in two separate – and very different – interviews.

"[Thomas] spoke with all the guys in private, but then she brought them onstage, too," Vavoom Media Vice President Kent Wallace told XBIZ. He explained that all the finalists met with Thomas in private before answering more questions onstage in front of a crowd.

"Being onstage was like a preview of being on camera for these guys," Wallace said, adding that Thomas might clear out all but the most vital crew members for the actual shoot.

Although Thomas told XBIZ she would have preferred to select all the finalists and go out with a gangbang, she chose Bellis for a number of reasons.

"He seemed happy and comfortable," she said. "He wasn’t too young. He had a bald head, and I really like that, and wonderful blue eyes. He just seemed so natural and confident without being cocky. He got to me. And now he’s going to give it to me and I’m going to give him the ride of his life."

Fans originally entered the contest by either registering at or signing up at Olympic Gardens.