Shane Diesel Directing for New Sensations

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Performer Shane Diesel is becoming performer/director Shane Diesel with the new release "She Only Takes Diesel" from New Sensations.

"I've got a cameraman for this series, but eventually I'll be doing my own POV," Diesel told XBIZ. "I'm looking for more intimacy. When you're working for somebody else, they're telling you what to do, or telling the girl how to react, or whatever. I told them 'Be yourself, just let it roll and let it go.' Just make it natural as possible. I like to talk to the girl before the scene, establish her dos and don'ts, it makes her a lot more comfortable.

"When the viewers see that, they can see the girl is relaxed. It works out so much better."

Diesel's plan is to eventually move behind the camera permanently.

"Eventually I'll go to the other side. But while the name is still hot, I'll take it on both ends," Diesel said. "The money's better, and I'm getting older. I can't continue like I used to."

"She Only Takes Diesel," which is scheduled for a January release, features Shawna Lenee, Aline, Fiona Cheeks, Sindee Jennings and Lucy Fire.

For more information, visit the New Sensations website.