Arrow’s Raymond Pistol Interviewed for CBS Morning Show

Joanne Cachapero
LAS VEGAS — Adult distribution company Arrow Productions founder Raymond Pistol was interviewed by a crew from the “CBS Morning Show with Charles Osgood” on the upcoming Nevada GOP caucuses, to be held on Jan. 19.

Pistol also is the owner of adult store Showgirl Video and gentlemen’s club Talk of the Town, both located in Las Vegas, and was interviewed at Talk of the Town during business hours with exotic dancers performing in the background.

The show will air on Jan 16., at 6:30 a.m. PST.

"In the 2008 presidential campaign, the Nevada Caucus is extremely important to determine the next United States president,” Arrow’s Paul Interlandi said. “Nevada is the third state to caucus. In the first [Iowa] caucus, Obama beat everyone; in the second [New Hampshire] Hillary stole the show in an upset.

“Previously, Nevada was in the middle of the election cycle and given little consideration,” Interlandi said. “But by being in the front of the caucuses, Nevada plays a huge roll in where the election goes from here.”

The CBS news team contacted Pistol for the interview in order to gain the perspective of a Nevada club owner and also the opinions of a few exotic dancers, including Tori, a college-educated performer that impressed both Pistol and the CBS news crew with her detailed understanding of the candidates and issues.

"The reporter was surprised to find out that a dancer would be extremely political and a college graduate,” Pistol said.

“Tori is a huge Hillary Clinton fan and knows all of the issues at hand. I think she may change the mind of people regarding dancers,” he said. “The reporter set me up with straight-line questions like, 'Do I think people prefer short caucuses or long caucuses?’ My reply to that was some people like short caucuses, others enjoy long caucuses — but I love screaming caucuses."

Despite his instruction to the dancers to remain covered during the interview, which took about an hour, a spokesperson for Arrow said one dancer could not resist performing for tips being offered by patrons, and so may have to be “blurred” out of the video footage.

According to sources at Arrow, Pistol is on the fence about his choice of political candidate.