'Britney Rears' Series Gets 'Insider' Treatment

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Reflecting the interest in the most recent legal troubles of mainstream singer Britney Spears, syndicated entertainment news program "The Insider" is airing a brand new segment about X-Play/Hustler's "Britney Rears" adult movie series for Tuesday night's show.

“With Britney Spears comes an endless parade of dirty thoughts for our 'Britney Rears' movies and although I really hope the singer gets her act together it does make for must-see porn," director Will Ryder said. "Since there is no celebrity sex tape yet, anybody that loves Britney Spears should ask their store for 'Britney Rears' and then watch 'The Insider.'"

The fourth volume in the series, "Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo," was recently released.

The "Insider" piece will feature a new interview with "Britney Rears" star Hillary Scott by reporter Victoria Recano.

X-Play got another plug from "The Insider" last week when mainstream actress Florence Henderson was asked her reaction to "Not the Bradys XXX," X-Play's adult parody of "The Brady Bunch."

“This is amazing, getting all of this attention,” Ryder said. “The show’s producers told me that they might not be able to mention our full title since the word 'rears' could be offensive to their audience. I hope when store clerks across America get customers walking in asking for that Britney Spears porn movie, they know they are talking about 'Britney Rears.'”

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