Video-X-Pix To Offer DVD Collections of Vintage Performers

Tod Hunter
LAS VEGAS — Classic-film company Video-X-Pix has announced plans to release collections of scenes by vintage performers later this year. The first four collections will feature Annie Sprinkle, Annette Haven, Vanessa Del Rio and Amber Lynn. All the scenes in each DVD have the featured performer in them.

Video-X-Pix co-owner Steven Morowitz told XBIZ that the footage came from original 35mm film and 1-1/2-inch video masters.

"It went from being a fuzzy, grainy terrible picture — with great content — to something you can look at and think you're watching high-def," Morowitz said. "When you take a 35mm print and you wash it and you put it through a telecine, you have the best possible picture."

Morowitz points out that the "classic performers" are from the '70s Golden age.

"I see the videos that say 'classic performers' and it's Houston and Jenna Jameson," Morowitz said. "I love Houston and Jenna, but they aren't classic performers. These are classic performers, on film, back in the pre-video Golden Age."

For more information, visit the Video-X-Pix website.