Adam & Eve Pictures Debuts 'Independent Adult Cinema'

Tod Hunter
LAS VEGAS — Production company Adam & Eve Pictures has announced a new label, 'Independent Adult Cinema," with an initial release of four DVDs in the next four months.

"I want to take Adam & Eve into new directions, aside from the things we do so well, with features and couples-oriented things," Adam & Eve Pictures Vice President of Sales Peter Reynolds told XBIZ. "It's a chance to roll out some groundbreaking directors who have their own vision. A different way of seeing adult, and a different way of shooting adult."

The initial four productions are "Not Another Porn Movie," a spoof written and directed by Joanna Angel; "Bullets & Burlesque," "Crazy Babes" and "Young Hollywood."

"It's the opposite of the cookie-cutter approach," Reynolds said. "It's 'What would you expect to see in this movie? Well, we're not going to do that.' In 'Not Another Porn Movie,' Joanna Angel pans away from the sex scene and there's a band playing cheesy porn music."

For more information, visit the Adam & Eve Pictures website