AMG Snags 9 GAYVN Noms

SAN FRANCISCO — The Athletic Model Guild (AMG) has received 9 nominations for the 2008 GAYVN Awards, including nominations for Best Director (Dennis Bell for “Amazônia: Capture & Release”), Best Actor in a Foreign Release (Ricardo Onça also for Amazônia) and Best Classic DVD (Story Film Classics: Slave Market).

Multiple acknowledgments from GAYVN come at the end of a week full of good news for the studio.

“We’re excited about all of this,” AMG President, Dennis Bell said. “The GAYVNs are, of course, the ‘big ones’ but we’ve been racking up nominations in other places too. At this point, we’re just happy to see our hard work paying off.”

The studio was also nominated for two XBIZ awards – best director and best picture – and appeared as one of Mannet’s Top 100 Videos of 2007.

“AMG, and AMG Brasil specifically, has come along way in the past year,” Bell said. “Last year AMG Brasil was only nominated for 1 GAYVN award [best box cover design: Gêmeos], this year we’ve racked up 8 GAYVN nominations for the Brazilian line. We’re really moving up.”

The increased attention and recognition can be linked to a boost in production over the previous year. AMG released 5 films under the AMG Brasil brand in 2006 compared to 7 in 2007. The addition of summer 2007’s Amazônia: Capture & Release, a major, scripted two-part porn thriller, no doubt upped the studio’s porn award appeal.

“All 8 nominations for AMG Brasil were for Amazônia,” Bell said. “Sure it would be nice to see a few of our other productions get some recognition, but we put everything we had into Amazônia. It was the most expensive, the most taxing, and the most complicated production we’ve ever produced. It’s nice to see that it’s also the most acclaimed.”