Titan Media Announces New Line Of 'Sex Tools'

Joanne Cachapero
LAS VEGAS — Gay content production company Titan Media Group today announced its new line of sex tools for the gay market, manufactured by Doc Johnson.

The announcement was made Thursday afternoon in the Doc Johnson business suite at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Titan founder Bruce Cam told XBIZ that the idea to market a line of sex tools stemmed from a conversation he had at the AdultEx adult industry trade show in Australia several years ago, with lubricant manufacturer pjur group owner Alexander Giebel, who also operates Lucom.

Lucom is a brand management company for the European market that is the exclusive distributor of all Titan’s products in Europe.

“Alexander and I talked in Australia four years ago,” Cam said. “We had a vision for the last four years, and wanted to explore other income streams.”

The two men knew that HD-DVD and BluRay were coming and those where areas they definitely wanted to exploit, but their conversation soon turned to the possibility of expanding into toys, lubricants and other hard products.

“The idea was to transfer the Titan style to other products,” Giebel told XBIZ. “We took the perfect masculine brand, the best toy manufacturer, the best lube, and it resulted in the best gay toy line.”

Titan has taken to calling the products ‘tools’ rather than ‘toys;’ the slogan for the product line is “Toys are for boys, tools are for men.”

The design of the tools is very sleek — all black with touches of deep blue to reflect the company’s logo and existing branding. With both shiny and matte finishes in different parts of the tools, the line has a futuristic and utilitarian look. Each tool is marked with the Titan logo, giving them a ‘designer label’ appeal.

The Titanmen line of sex tools will include “TitanMen Nite Stix” dildos, vibrators branded as “Titanmen Vibrations,” and super-sized vibrator with an internal ‘egg’ called the “Titanmen Tall Slider.”

Titan VP Keith Webb told XBIZ that there’s nothing else like the Titan tools currently in production by Doc Johnson.

“Every single shape is absolutely brand new, there’s nothing in the Doc Johnson catalog shaped like it,” Webb said. “It’s a great start.”

In addition to the new tools, Titan will offer three varieties lube, manufactured by Giebel’s company, pjur group: a straight silicone lube, a hybrid water-and-silicone lube and a water-based lube. The lube containers are designed for easy one-handed operation.

Titan is also planning to manufacture realistic molds of its exclusive performers. The first three models to receive the molding treatment will be Damien Cross, Dean Flynn and Diesel Washington.

Cross will make an appearance at the Doc Johnson business suite Friday as part of a launch event for the new product line.