Lucas Entertainment Receives 27 GAYVN Award Noms

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment has been nominated 27 times for the 10th Annual GAYVN Awards, including Best Picture for "Michael Lucas' Gigolo" and Best Actor, Best Director, and Performer of the Year for company President and CEO Michael Lucas.

"I'm honored and thankful," said Lucas. "It was a landmark year of breaking through into the mainstream for me, my company, and for the gay adult industry as a whole. Thank you to GAYVN for all your continued support, and congratulations to Tony Dimarco, all the actors, and everyone at Lucas Entertainment for your nominations."

Lucas Entertainment's two blockbusters of 2007, "Michael Lucas' Gigolo" and "The Intern," are each nominated for 12 awards. "The Intern," Lucas Entertainment's first sex comedy, is nominated for Best Sex Comedy. "Auditions 18: Florida Part 1" is nominated for Best Pro/Am Release.

Lucas shares the Best Director nomination for "Michael Lucas' Gigolo" with Tony Dimarco, who is also nominated for Best Videographer (along with Mr. Pam), Best Still Photographer, and twice for Best Screenplay for both "The Intern" and "Michael Lucas' Gigolo."

Lucas Entertainment exclusive Christian Cruz is nominated for three awards, including Best Supporting Actor, Best Newcomer, and Best Oral Scene. Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews is nominated for Best Oral Scene with Cruz, and exclusive Ray Star is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for "Michael Lucas' Gigolo."

The GAYVN Awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding movies and talented individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the gay adult entertainment industry. Its broad-based, nationwide panel of judges, predominantly from the gay press, has been awarding trophies for 21 years, making the GAYVN Awards the most respected and recognized awards in gay adult entertainment history.

Lucas Entertainment has garnered multiple GAYVN Awards throughout the years. The company won Best Picture two years in a row for "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita." Last year, the company broke the industry record by being nominated for 14 GAYVN awards and winning all of them for "Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita."

"I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I will not be submitting any of my films to the Grabby Awards for consideration," said Lucas. "This way they don't have to make up any lies this year."

Below is the full nominations list for Lucas Entertainment:

Best Actor: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas

Best Art Direction: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment

Best Boxcover Concept: The Intern, Lucas Entertainment

Best Director: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas/Tony Dimarco

Best Dvd Extras/Special Edition: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment

Best Make-Up Artist: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas/Kinga The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, KJ Bennett

Best Music: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Nekked; The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Nekked

Best Newcomer: Christian Cruz

Best Non-Sexual Performance: The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Joe Shepard

Best Oral Scene: The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Christian Cruz, Ben Andrews

Best Overall Marketing Campaign: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment; The Intern, Lucas Entertainment

Best Packaging: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment; The Intern, Lucas Entertainment

Best Picture: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment

Best Pro/Am Release: Auditions 18: Florida Part 1, Lucas Entertainment

Best Screenplay: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Tony Dimarco; The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Tony Dimarco

Best Sex Comedy: The Intern, Lucas Entertainment

Best Sex Scene: The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Zack Randall, Jimmy Trips

Best Still Photographer: The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Tony Dimarco

Best Supporting Actor: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Ray Star; The Intern, Lucas Entertainment, Christian Cruz

Best Videographer: Gigolo, Lucas Entertainment, Tony Dimarco/Mr. Pam

Performer Of The Year: Michael Lucas

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