Amy Fisher Signing at Red Light District’s AEE Booth

Tom Hymes
LAS VEGAS — In a surprise appearance that even Red Light District did not know about until three days ago, Amy Fisher will be signing at RLD’s booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas this afternoon.

According to RLD Director of Public Relations Larry Schwarz, Fisher will arrive at the RLD booth (#1001) sometime between 2 and 2:30pm Wednesday, where she will sign autographs in support of “Amy Fisher: Caught On Tape.”

According to RLD, Fisher and her husband Lou Bellera will be in attendance at AEE through Saturday.

Schwarz told XBIZ that the video was unparalleled by any other celebrity sex tape he has seen to date.

“This is the hottest celebrity movie I’ve ever seen,” Schwarz said. “It’s an hour long, all sex, no bullshit, no bad lighting. It’s hot.”

Fisher also will make an appearance on Playboy Radio from the show this afternoon. The precise time of the broadcast was not known at press time.

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