VCA Gold Classics Presents ‘The Best Of John Holmes Vol. 1’

BEVERLY HILLS — Who could forget the days of bell bottoms, leopard print, disco — and the legendary cock of John Holmes? VCA Gold Classics brings us memorable scenes of this renowned porn star giving it to women like they have never experienced before!

The famously enormous cock of John Holmes never fails to please any woman who cums its way. This film features many must-see performances with women who are lusting for the chance to experience this legend of a man. We watch as they struggle to barely get the tip of Johnny’s cock into their mouths. It is as though each girl is trying even harder to please him.

The opening scene features an intense performance from Seka and Holmes. They are absolutely loving every minute of this experience with each other. John shows his adoration for the female form with each kiss and caress he gives Seka. Later on in the film, Seka returns for a threesome with John and Jamie Gillis. She gets both of these men worked up with a seductive striptease and ends with one of the most intense blowjobs you’ve ever seen!

“Customers love classics and can’t wait to revisit the good old days with John Holmes, one of the most notorious porn stars of all time,” says Michael Glaser, HUSTLER National Sales Manager.

Glaser is not only a fan of John Holmes but also knew him personally and has fond memories of the time they spent together. Glaser looks forward to reintroducing Holmes’ work to his customers.

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