Releases iPhone-Compatible Toy for Men

Q Boyer
BATH, England — Ever since it was first released, consumers have been buzzing over Apple’s iPhone. Now it’s time for the iPhone to return the favor. today announced the release of its new VibraExciter Mobile Phone Sex Toy for Men, which transforms the iPhone (or any other mobile phone) in to an “orgasmic sex toy for men and their partner,” according to the company.

“The VibraExciter for Men makes text sex and phone sex even more exciting,” said LoveHoney’s head buyer Bonny Hall. “If the iPhone show-offs on the tube look happier than normal this week, they’re probably enjoying the journey with the help of the VibraExciter.”

The VibraExciter, which retails for about $50, features a multi-speed love ring and a receiver that is disguised as a black clamshell-style mobile phone. Users need only clip the receiver to their belt, slide the love ring into place, and their phone becomes a vibration device, triggered by incoming calls and text messages.

When the VibraExciter detects an incoming call, the love ring begins to vibrate, and it doesn’t stop until the call is over. Text messages produce 20-30 seconds of vibration, which LoveHoney said makes the device “perfect for anytime, anywhere surprises.”

LoveHoney warned that while the VibraExciter can be used in public, users should “watch out for unexpected thrills” because the device may be triggered by any mobile phone within a two meter radius.

The device also includes a manual control that can be used to make the VibraExciter buzz even when no cell reception is available.

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