Hillary Scott’s Upload Nom is Special

HOLLYWOOD — After winning 2007 AVN Awards for Female Performer of the Year and Best Actress, Hillary Scott went about her business and collected a record haul of plaques and trophies from virtually each of the top awards shows.

Now, the SexZ Pictures contract superstar finds herself in familiar territory with new nominations for Female Performer of the Year and Best Actress, but interestingly enough facing new challenges which resulted in a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in Upload providing a true testament of her superb acting ability.

Her portrayal of the edgy cyber punk Tesla in the year’s blockbuster action adventure Upload, demonstrates just how far the Chicago native has come and to what lengths the actress will go to play the part.

“In Upload I played a very different character than what I had previously done and with it being a supporting role, I was faced with an entirely new set of challenges,” Scott said.

“The role needed somebody really special and Hillary was up to the challenge and delivered one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen in adult movies. She’s damn good in Upload,” stated SexZ Pictures CEO Bo Kenney.

Her performance was significant and it’s not often that a best supporting role will generate heavy praise, but Scott seems to shine in any spotlight even when she plays a supporting character along-side Eva Angelina.

Set in the near future, Upload tells the story of two federal agents tracking down a hacker they believe carries a computer virus that could change the world as we know it. The movie co-stars Hillary Scott as Tesla, the sexy cyberpunk who holds the future of civilization in the palm of her hand and Eva Angelina as Cassandra Cray, the brooding government agent who’s chasing the secret Tesla holds. Derrick Pierce plays Cassandra’s by-the-book fellow agent earning a Best Actor nomination while Angelina earned a Best Actress nomination in the process.

“This is not a second banana part. Tesla is crucial to the story of Upload and if that role isn’t handled correctly, the movie fails so I’m even more proud of Hillary in this movie. It’s not easy to deliver such a dynamic performance and I think she deserves the award for best supporting actress,” Kenney said.

Directed by 2007 Best Director and 2008 candidate Eli Cross, Upload is like no other adult movie ever made in that it combines Hollywood style action in a nail biting affair plastered with the most graphic sex ever put into an American movie. A trailer can be seen at www.SexZUpload.com and the XXXX movie can be found in most adult stores and directly from SexZ.com.

With all of her adult movie awards and blazing hardcore sex scenes, Scott still displays a bit of Midwestern innocence which makes her the perfect actress to play a wide variety of roles. Although a second Female Performer of the Year award would look great on her mantle, the trophy for Best Supporting Actress might be the most significant award of her stellar career in that it would prove that Hillary Scott is an actress of significant depth.

Hillary Scott will be signing in the SexZ Pictures booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas Jan. 9-12. She will be joined by fellow SexZ Pictures contract girl and Best New Starlet nominee Paulina James along with Eva Angelina, Kylie Ireland, Trina Michaels, Eli Cross and a few special surprises.

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