Vavoom Media Group Negotiating KSEX Acquisition Deal

Anne Winter
LAS VEGAS — Adult production company Vavoom Media Group has announced interest in acquiring Fastbroadcast Inc., dba

Vavoom CEO Stephen Brown said he has signed a letter of intent to acquire the company, and KSEX owner Belinkie said that in order for KSEX to reach the next level, it needs a broader reach, which he believes Vavoom — which has a TV, film and radio presence — can provide.

KSEX owner Jon Belinkie told XBIZ that the company has been aware of and impressed by what Brown has done with Vavoom over the last year, and is interested in creating a strategic relationship with Vavoom, for he believes the company will vault KSEX into some new arenas that he has been interested in persuing.

"We [at KSEX] had some personnel issues that resolved themselves in late December," Belinkie said, "and that cleared any obstacles on our side to be able to move forward. I'm fortunate to still have some involvement, and I'm looking forward to being able to expand the scope of the types of things that we're doing and have more resources behind us."

Brown said that he and Vavoom were first introduced to KSEX when adult star Sunset Thomas had him and Ms. Vavoom on her KSEX show, "Sunset After Sunset."

Thomas later signed with Vavoom to appear on its TV and radio programming.

"We have our own Vavoom Radio which is in the process of being launched," Brown said, "and the archived content that [KSEX has] is something that we think we can integrate into Vavoom Radio easily. KSEX has deep roots in the adult industry — everyone who is anyone in the biz has appeared at one time or another on KSEX."

Brown also said that the two companies have signed a letter of intent, and the due diligence should conclude within 30 days.

* Additional reportage by Tod Hunter.