Titan Media Dominates GAYVN Top Charts for 2007

Joanne Cachapero
SAN FRANCISCO — Gay production company Titan Media Group has topped GAYVN’s Top Ten sales and rental charts for 2007. Sixteen titles made the top of the charts, more than any other gay studio, according to Titan.

“I am very proud of my team here at Titan Media for the incredible quality and consistency of our products,” Titan Media President Bruce Cam said. “To have 16 of the 18 new films we produced in 2007 be named to the Top 10 GAYVN list is truly an honor. Customers, both wholesale and retail, can count on the Titan Media brands to deliver the highest quality, the hottest men in the industry and the hardest man-to-man action around.”

The announcement comes on the heels of 11 Titan titles making gay review website ManNet.com Top 100 Videos chart for 2007.

The videos that appeared on GAYVN charts were produced primarily for the TitanMen and TitanMen Fresh imprints and included “Barnstorm,” “Boiler,” “Breathless,” “Campus Pizza,” “Cop Shack,” “Factory Fresh,” “Farm Hands,” “FEAR,” “Folsom Filth,” “Folsom Leather,” “H2O,” “Hot Lunch,” “Road to Red Neck Hollow,” “Shacked Up” and “Spy Quest 3.”

“Nailed” from Titan’s Manplay line also made the top charts. The 16 titles represent work from Titan’s roster of directors including Titan founder Bruce Cam, as well as Joe Gage, Brian Mills and Richie Oldman.

“Having the most Top 10 Gay films in 2007 was the icing on the cake for us here at Titan,” Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb said. “2007 was the largest year in our history and December was the single biggest volume month in our 15 year history.

“To those in the industry lamenting declining DVD sales, all I can say is that you must not be carrying enough Titan Media products,” Webb said. “Titan Media DVDs sales are still increasing and sell-thrus have been amazing. No other gay brand delivers higher profit and greater return on investment.

“This shows that gay men will gladly buy hot, high quality films that feature safer sex and condoms,” Webb added. ”This should be a clear signal to other companies that they can remain profitable while protecting their actors’ health and doing the right thing for the gay community at large.”

For wholesale inquiries, contact Stephen Mounce or Charles LeBlanc at Wholesale@TitanMedia.com or (800) 360-7204.