Australia: Success in Battling Internet CP May Be Driving Contraband Offline

Tom Hymes
AUSTRALIA — A recent assessment by Australian Customs of the most commonly seized contraband in 2007 suggests that the success in combating online child pornography has led to an increase in the attempted smuggling of CP in hard-copy form.

According to an article in The Australian, Richard Janeczko, Customs national manager for investigations, makes precisely that claim.

"It's a misunderstanding that [child pornography] is all on the internet," Janeczko said. "A lot of [pedophiles] carry it. A lot of the publicity that the internet's being policed has meant that (the trend) has been displaced."

Janeczko claimed that one of the reasons Customs was confiscating more child pornography in hard-copy form could be attributed to the success of the police in catching child pornographers operating on the internet.

He also speculated that the increasing array of devices that could carry images, such as mobile phones, meant people did not think Customs could detect illicit material.