Las Vegas Mayor Asked to Resign Over Playboy Shoot

Rhett Pardon
LAS VEGAS — “I am the mayor; I can do whatever I want.”

That’s Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman speaking in a video that accompanies photos he took for the New York-based company.

Goodman was the first elected official to be a celebrity Playboy photographer.

And that has gotten Hizzoner in some sort of trouble with a right-wing conservative group official who says he crossed a moral line.

"You don't do these kinds of things as an elected official," said Richard Ziser, who is co-chairman of Nevada Concerned Citizens and vice chairman of the state Republican Party. "The woman, I know she's doing this voluntarily, but it's still exploiting a woman for her body."

Outraged by the Playboy photo shoot, Ziser has asked the mayor to resign.

Boohoo, said Goodman at a press conference on Thursday.

Critics of the Playboy shoot are "haters and those who need to get a life," said Goodman, who added that he did the shoot because it was good publicity and fun, "and I would do it again."

"I do anything that is fun and doesn't hurt anybody," said Goodman, noting that it is "ridiculous" to think his shoot exploited women or might in some way adversely affect children. "This is an adult playground. I'm not handing it out at schools."

"I couldn't do this anywhere but in Las Vegas," he said. subscribers this week can see about 20 pictures of a topless Irina Voronina, the Russia-born Playmate who was Miss January 2001, taken by Goodman, who also is a paid spokesman for Bombay Sapphire gin.