Gay Distributor White Tiger Adds New Line

Jeremy Spencer
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Gay distributor White Tiger Releasing has added Fernando Pullido’s Drive By Studios to its already impressive roster.

“We’re really excited to add this urban West Coast gang-themed line,” Spanky of White Tiger Releasing said. “The addition of the Drive By Studios line really helps us fill a niche that we were missing with our current studio lineup.”

Drive By Studios’ director/producer Pullido, according to Spanky, “lived the life of a cholo [a member of a street gang] from the time he was 12 years old, and he grew to love the masculine arrogance of the gang-bangers and appreciate their sexiness.”

The first title, which is available now, is called “Bait and Switch: The Big Deception” and it contains “a number of scenes where the straight dude gives it up to tougher and rougher studs,” according to the company.

The movie also is 100 percent bareback, although Spanky said that all models are tested and there is mutual disclosure of the results.

Director/producer Pullido said “When I go out to Pomona, Calif., I see nothing but Vatos [slang for ‘man’ or ‘dude’] who like to fuck other Vatos and I thought — why not make some movies about it?”

Pullido took some buddies down to Brazil to shoot the movie and observed of the cholos there that “those dudes are crazy. When their old lady doesn’t put out, they just find a bitch in the gang to gangbang, or just grab some pussy dude off the street.”

“The first title isn’t as aggressive as some of the follow-ups,” Spanky said, “but future titles will really show Pullido’s talents.”

Drive By Studios joins White Tiger’s impressive roster of studios, which includes Diamond, Blue Lagoon, Hyde Park Productions, Firepower, Rising Son, Siempre Fi, Erectus and Fresh Boyz, to name a few.

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