Ashley Olsen Attorney Tries to Shoot Down Video

Rhett Pardon
RENO, Nev. — A Reno online entrepreneur and filmmaker attempting to cash in on a video parody called the “Ashley Olson Sex Tape” has hit a legal snag.

An attorney for Ashley Olsen of the Olsen Twins has threatened Christopher Cash with a lawsuit and to shut his website down because of infringement issues with the 15-minute video that sells for $2.25.

Cash said that the tape isn’t about Olsen, it’s a “movie about trying to make a sex tape with a character called Ashley Olson.”

Cash, who also acts and directs in the video, is marketing the video to those surfers who have a true interest in the burgeoning sex tape niche.

“You paid $40 for ‘1 Night in Paris,’ $40 for ‘Reality Tail’ (the chick from ‘Survivor’), even $35 for ‘1 Night in China.’ And now the ‘Ashley Olson Sex Tape’ can be yours for only $2.25,” his site reads.

So far, the video has more than 23,000 trailer views on Cash, who produced the video on a $1,500 budget, won’t say how much he’s earned on the “Ashley Olson Sex Tape.”

Cash said he thought the title would drive people to his Internet site run by his company, Talk Back Productions.

“I mean, maybe when they see the title, they'll think 'wow, what's that,' but once they see the site it's apparent it's not pornography,” he said.

On you won't find sexy photos of Olsen, nor will you see her correct last name (he spells it “Olson”).

“Ashley Olson is a common name,” Cash said, noting that no reasonable person would think he's defaming Olsen.

Nevertheless, an attorney for Olsen has a different opinion.

Olsen's attorney, Gregory V. Redlitz, said Cash is guilty of trademark infringement and unauthorized commercial use of her name and likeness. Redlitz has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Cash and has threatened to file suit.