Centaur Films Inks Distro Deal with Maleflixxx

Joanne Cachapero
TORONTO — Gay video-on-demand provider Maleflixxx, operated by Sureflix Digital Distribution, has announced an exclusive deal with Chip Daniels’ Centaur Films. The studio specializes in gay uniform-themed content that features realistic action sequences, high quality editing and all original musical score, all shot in high definition.

"We are very proud to be expanding our partnership with Centaur. We have worked hard over the years to create a network and a user experience that is second to none and we are excited to use that expertise to launch Centaur Films On Demand," Sureflix Digital Distribution president Eric Johnson said.

On Dec. 7, Maleflixxx will premiere two of Centaur’s most popular all-original titles, “Marine Crucible,” starring Chad Knight and Bo Summers, and “Man Academy” starring Sean Storm, Chad Johnson and Todd Johnson.

The new partnership also will broadcast various Centaur titles over the Maleflixxx VOD network, as well as Centaur’s own pay-per-view theatre on the Centaur Films website. Some of those titles include “ Hot Cops,” “ Hot Firemen,” “Wild Rangers” and “Time Cops” series.

"I was really looking to partner with a VOD company that values the importance of the viewer experience. Maleflixxx shares my mantra of quality over quantity, so it's a perfect fit," Centaur Films president and founder Chip Daniels said. "Given the changing nature of the gay adult industry, we see our new cinema as the ideal extension to the web presence we've built with Centaur Films.com.