Jollies Releases First Line of Handmade Toys for Men

Anne Winter
PHOENIX — Silicone sex toy manufacturer Jollies Pleasure Toys has released "Boys Toys," the company's first foray into producing anatomically inspired products made specifically for men.

The new line includes standard cock rings, engorging cock rings and a stroker designed to look like a piece of art.

Jollies CEO Luze Chavez told XBIZ that the company has received a slew of requests for men's toys, so the head designer went to work to create hand-poured medical-grade silicone products made using the same ergonomic principles that it uses for its dildos.

"There's more to come," Chavez said.

The Standard Silicone Cock Ring Set is made with comfort in mind, Chavez said, with a surface texture that decreases skin-grabbing and hair-pulling, making it easy to wear them long term.

The set comes with 1 1/4-inch and 1 5/8-inch cock rings in blue steel and black colors, and are competitively priced, Chavez said.

The Engorging Silicone Cock Rings are made for advanced play. The rings lack mold marks, which often cause skin marking and pulling, Chavez said, and feature a molded ridge along the outside of the wide ring meant to eliminate pressure points by dissipating surface pressure.

These rings come in both 1 3/4-inch and 1-inch inner diameters and are available in blue steel and black colors.

The Engorging rings also come in a vibrating style, featuring an outer sling to hold a bullet-style vibe.

Last in the Boys Toys introductory line is the Silicone Sleeve, a stroker sleeve molded from an actual carved ivory vase, giving it the look of a piece of art.

“This time we wanted to make something that a woman could give a man with love not embarrassment," Luze said.

Inside the sleeve is what Luze calls a maze of chambers and rings meant to give the user as much sensation as possible. It measures 7 1/4 inches.