Hollywood Premiere Party Will Go On As Scheduled

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A motion to block the adult industry party set for Saturday night at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood has been thrown out of court and the party will go on as scheduled.

The suit had been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, alleging breach of contract by the Knitting Factory, claiming the managers violated their lease by hosting adult entertainment parties and showing adult movies in the past, among other complaints.

The party, organized by Jeff Mullen and Scott David of adult publicity company All Media Play, is the official premiere party of two adult videos, "Not the Bradys XXX" and "Spunk'd The Movie."

"This was just an attempt by a small, intolerant segment of our population to impose their will and moral judgments on people's entertainment choices," party organizer Mullen told XBIZ. "Freedom of expression and choice won again. We're very happy this party will go on as planned and it promises to be a great celebration of 'Not The Bradys XXX,' 'Spunk'd: The Movie,' 'Upload' and of the entire adult entertainment industry.

"The judge tossed the injunction and the party will go on. The only change is that the red carpet is being moved to inside the club."