Jollies Makes Its Dildos Buzz

Anne Winter
PHOENIX — Silicone sex toy manufacturer Jollies Pleasure Toys has released the long-awaited vibrating versions of its specially molded Jollet and Jack dildos, each featuring an internal wand-style vibrator.

Jollies CEO Luze Chavez told XBIZ that the company wanted to give its customers a choice of buying a regular dildo or a vibrating one, and after much consumer request the company put its designer to work.

"Our regular dildos work so wonderfully that an added vibration just makes them better," Chavez said.

The Jollet and Jack dildos feature a 6-inch wand vibe molded into their centers made with a special well in order to make battery exchange and speed control easy for the user.

Chavez also said that both vibes are marked at the same retail price as their nonvibrating counterparts because the added vibrator displaces its own cost in the amount of silicone left out in the molding process.

Both the Jollet and Jack are made by hand using unique molds made from the anatomies of real people.

The Jollet is available in grape, pink pearl, blueberry and licorice colors, and the Jack in grape, pink pearl, blueberry, licorice and flesh colors.