Gay Classic Films Bring ‘Theatre Loops’ to DVD

SAN FRANCISCO — The two latest releases from the original Bob Mizer archives, "Theatre Film Classics: Why the Wooden Indian Wouldn’t" and "Theatre Film Classics: Billy Boy," are now shipping from Athletic Model Guild.

"Why the Wooden Indian Wouldn’t" is now available both in the AMG web store and wholesaled with Paladin Video. "Billy Boy" is available exclusively through the studio’s web store until Jan. 9, when it too will be available through Paladin Video.

The "Theatre Film Classics" line, the most recent addition to the AMG Classics brand, represents a crucial period in gay pornography, the company said.

“AMG founder Bob Mizer wasn’t ready to give up his stake in gay culture,” AMG President Dennis Bell said. “He certainly wasn’t willing to give up the empire that he built off his still photography. So he gave sex loops a chance. "His approach was very old-school, and didn’t work in the new industry. Customers wanted raw and graphic footage. He loosened up and produced some full-on hardcore as well, which we are releasing in a couple 'Hardcore Film Classics' DVDs, but they still weren’t explicit enough to compete,” he said.

The loops are the basis of the "Theatre Film Classics" line. Mizer shot hundreds of these short, plot-driven stories specifically for the few theaters that would show openly gay material.

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