Dakota Rivers Bends Over for CollinOneal.com

Jeremy Spencer
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Gay performer Dakota Rivers, a previously exclusive power top, was convinced by award-winning director/performer Collin O’Neal to bottom exclusively on O’Neal’s website CollinOneal.com .

Rivers, who has performed in movies by Jet Set Men and Falcon Studios , met director O’Neal at a pool party.

“I thought he would be perfect to take to the Dominican Republic to have fun with some hot Latino guys,” O’Neal said. The two struck up a “friendship almost immediately,” which allowed O’Neal to ask the sensitive question: “Will you bottom for me?”

Rivers agreed to bottom, but when it was time for Rivers to meet up with O’Neal in the Dominican Republic, Rivers was unable to make it. So O’Neal rescheduled him to go to “an undisclosed and mysterious European country.”

“Dakota was more than happy to go to Europe and bottom for me in an upcoming movie of mine,” O’Neal said. “He really didn’t know where he was going, but he knew he was going somewhere in Europe and was excited to come.”

The highly anticipated scene, where Rivers bottoms for European muscle stud Julian Vincenzo in the undisclosed location, will appear on CollinOneal.com on Dec. 1.