Irish Villager Lobbying for Moral Reform Against Adult

Tod Hunter
BUNCRANA, Ireland — A local resident has founded new antiporn group, The National Campaign Against Pornography, to support an updated version of the country's obscenity law, in the wake of what she sees as the decline in morality in Irish society.

Mary Doherty, a member of the fringe Christian Solidarity Party, met with the group in Letterkenny last week, with a plan to target the Irish government and legal system.

The campaign was started after a pub in nearby Moville, Bar-A-Cuda, hosted strip shows and a lap-dancing event. Another Moville pub, Maguires, is planning to offer bikini barmaids at a special event at the end of the month.

"We are going to write up a document and bring it to the government to lobby for a new, stricter law on obscenity and pornography," Doherty said. "We are seeing sexual imagery and language on our TVs, in our newspapers and now in our local pubs — and it is not acceptable.

"It is time to respect family values."

Doherty got media attention after she and her fellow campaigners protested outside Bar-A-Cuda when the strip shows and lap-dancing night were held.

She is determined to spread her message further and to the top — and is already scheduled to meet with representatives of the national police this week for discussions.

"It is not OK that women are being devalued here locally and nationally," Doherty said. "We will be asking people not to shop in shops that sell media with sexual imagery. We have had enough. Now is the time to respect each other and to stand up for what is right."