Belladonna Completes Australian Tour

MELBOURNE, Australia — Belladonna and close friend Bobbi Starr recently completed a tour of Australia and New Zealand, which included an invitation to Melbourne by Calvista Australia to headline the annual Sexpo.

Together they charmed the 65,000 attendees as hundreds of fans lined up to meet and greet with the two adult stars. Thousands more surrounded her custom-built stage transfixed as Belladonna showed why she was named "The Dirtiest Girl In Porn" earlier this year, a representative said.

“Belladonna and Bobbi Starr were simply brilliant,” said Rob Godwin, media manager for Calvista Australia. “Their rapport with the Australian fans was awesome. Always beaming and never rushing, they gave so much and the fans loved them.”

While in Melbourne, Belladonna wrote to the highest law-enforcer in the state of Victoria, Attorney General Rob Hulls, asking him to explain why her films are legally classified by the Australian government but are illegal for sale in Victoria.

“My films are legally distributed and sold in 25 countries around the world including all of Europe, the U.K., Canada, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand and of course my home — the U.S. They are banned in a handful of countries like Burma, Nigeria, Iran and China but amazingly also in this state of Victoria,” Belladonna wrote.

Belladonna’s visit to Melbourne followed a successful tour of Auckland, New Zealand, where she did in-store appearances at New Zealand’s largest chain of adult stores, Video Expo, receiving extensive TV and press coverage, the representative said.

Feb. 22-24, Calvista Australia will host the largest industry event in the southern hemisphere, Adultex 2008, the highlight of which will be a Pimps & Porn Star Party.

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