FPG Entertainment Outlines STD Testing Policy

Joanne Cachapero
WASHINGTON — Gay production company FPG Entertainment has announced its stance on performers' healthcare by outlining a policy that would create a system of better business practices pertaining to STD testing.

FPG, which states that it has never produced a bareback title, said that as of Jan. 1 it will restrict casting to models who have not performed in bareback titles, and that it will also require performers to have a current STD test, issued by Adult Industry Healthcare, prior to production.

The company also will employ the service of a talent agent to help ensure the professional business interests of models and the studio.

“Since I’ve been a model myself, this is how I feel about bareback movies — I do not understand how we can still produce bareback,” FPG producer Marco Guerra told XBIZ. “With all the diseases and all the problems around the world — we should promote movies to be safe and with safe sex.”

“We all know that it’s up to the individual, but in terms of image, producers and studios should promote always safe sex. To be in danger from this act is dangerous not only for the gay community, but for everybody. And it’s not just a matter of AIDS or HIV; there are tons of other diseases that can be spread. With the [ease] that you can have sex nowadays, it’s even more important to protect ourselves,” Guerra said.

According to FPG, their decision to create stricter guidelines came from a sense of responsibility as producers, as well as an obligation to creating a safe work environment for performers. Guerra pointed out that he has heard numerous stories of mistreatment within the industry.

“Every single model should be treated with respect and should be paid accordingly and should be able to work in a safe environment,” Guerra said.

“They take advantage of those guys, not just because they’re young, but because they have little education or they need the money. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve been working with a lot of young talent, and they tell stories or I’ve seen stories that, for me, are totally unbelievable. How those people can take advantage and pay the models so little just because they need the money. That is wrong, and it’s totally unfair,” he said.

FPG Entertainment was founded earlier this year and debuted its first title “Punks” in October. Guerra said he and FPG director Cameron Finn both have mainstream and adult industry experience that spans 25 years, and that FPG produces story-driven content and professional quality in productions.

“We started with the concept to create something that is new, something that is quality first of all. We’ve been tired of all this porno that, in my personal opinion, is boring,” Guerra said. “I can watch it for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and I’m done. We try to produce a movie — a movie with sex, not sex with a movie.”

In November, the studio released its second title, “Tawpdogs” starring Cole Ryan, Dak Ramsey, Alexy Tyler, R.C. Ryan, Trey Casteel and Todd Welch.

FPG’s upcoming release will be titled “Betrayed.”

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