PussyCash to Sponsor Webmaster Access

LOS ANGELES — The PussyCash webmaster affiliation network has signed on as a corporate sponsor of the 2007 Webmaster Access West Show to be held in Los Angeles Wednesday through Friday.

This corporate sponsorship is in addition PussyCash's sole registration sponsorship of Webmaster Access for the fourth consecutive time this year.

According to PussyCash's special consultant, Yuval Kijel, "PussyCash fully embarces the adult industry and supports the gatherings of webmasters every chance we get. In particular, Webmaster Access has consistently been a productive show for PussyCash. We feel honored to be a part of this great tradition and that's why this year we stepped up our sponsorship level to become Corporate Sponsors as well as sole registration."

As was the case in past Webmaster Access shows, PussyCash said it will be in attendance with select members of its sales, marketing and legal teams, ready to strategize and strike deals with serious industry players.

For more information, visit PussyCash.com.