Edge Adds Charles Gatewood Collection

NEW YORK — Edge Interactive Publishing Inc. has added a new section containing the Charles Gatewood Collection — an American Original to Picticon.com.

For more than 40 years Charles Gatewood, the San Francisco photographer and documentarian of America's counter-cultural history, has shot pictures and made videos of the scenes around him: news events, nightclubs, BDSM scenes, parties, parades and endless fetish girls.

More than any other individual his works track and glorify the "American Primitive" and this collection brings much of his legacy to the Internet and the digital world, the company said.

"Webmasters can license one or many scenes for their server, or lease them via the Picticon, our global image server and Edge will serve them," a representative said.

The Gatewood collection currently features 250 unique sets, 10,000 pictures and hours of video. Most images are at 1,536-pixel resolution and are publication-quality. Most involve fetish attire, nudity, piercing and tattoos, and many involve bondage, BDSM, messy splosh, lesbians, strapons and scene play.

Many of the sets contain the full photo shoots of girls featured on one of Gatewood's several books, such as Fetish Girls, Messy Girls and others.

A promo page with full-size, R-rated samples can be found here.

For more information, call Edge Interactive Publishing Inc. at (212) 581-3000 or email lgx@goedge.com for licensing details, exclusives and package deals.