Shy Love to Write Monthly Column for

Bob Preston
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Adult star Shy Love will expound on a life in the adult industry in a new column for, which covers the adult and music industries.

Love will write one column per month for the site, covering topics like love, business and money.

"Unlike most columns where all they talk about is sex, I wanted to write something based on my own life experiences," Love told XBIZ. "I want to write about what people in the business go through and give readers a real inside look."

Love landed the column by making an impression on the site's owner and editor, Jesse Capps, in an interview last year. Capps asked her to write a column then, but she declined because she was too busy.

But Love said she suddenly felt the need to write a column, even though she is far busier this year as the head of management company Adult Talent Managers.

In her first column, "Being A Successful Entrepreneur In Adult Entertainment," Love chronicles her rise as an adult star and makes a surprising admission: She got into porn for all the wrong reasons but stayed for all the right reasons.

"When I came into porn it was because I was bored with my current lifestyle," she said. "But when I got in, I saw all the opportunities to succeed and make money. Where most girls go wrong is that they come in and allow agents to dictate their lives and what they are going to do. Scene after scene after scene.

"I, on the other hand, was stronger than my agent. I came in realizing what my action plans were. I wanted to make a name for myself. I wanted to direct and produce. I was told by many it would not happen and I would not succeed, so I fought and learned to think like the successful men in adult. In this business it’s great to be a woman but it’s best to think like a man."

Love's second column will deal with her struggle to find love as an adult actress. It'll be called "Love Looking for Love."

The rest of her first column is available at Rock Confidential.