Spartacus Debuts Foray into Silicone With Bit Gag

Anne Winter
PORTLAND, Ore. — Leather fetish manufacturer Spartacus Leathers has released its first bit-style gag made of silicone, the first time the company has used silicone in its products.

Spartacus Sales and Marketing Coordinator Alice Beckett told XBIZ that the company doesn't have specific plans to debut more silicone products in upcoming lines, but are excited to brainstorm ways to use the material in the future.

"We wanted to introduce new style of gag," Beckett said, "so it seemed to make sense to introduce a new material in a new product. Most of our product line is rubber and we wanted to have diversity in the product line."

Beckett said that using silicone rather than rubber mostly is a preference issue — those allergic to rubber need a silicone option, and silicone products have less of a taste and smell, which makes the material ideal for products meant for use in and around the mouth and nose.

"We got a tremendous number of pre-orders for this product, and with good reason," Sales and Marketing Manager Sean Christensen said. "The quality of the silicone is very high, and the bit style is comfortable and very popular with fetish customers."

Christensen said that bit gags tend to be more comfortable than the ball gag style, being easier on the teeth and allowing more room for breathing, and can be used as an ideal introduction to gag play.

"Many people think of bit gags as a pony play component," Christensen said, "but they are also very popular as an alternative to ball gags."