Gay Studio FPG Opens Doors With 'Punks'

Jeremy Spencer
WASHINGTON —FPG Entertainment has debuted as a new gay production company that offers high-quality “masculine, sports-oriented stories with handsome, rugged casts and high-end videography,” brought to life in their recent release, "Punks."

“With the quality of our titles, we’ve already enjoyed some great success with 'Punks,' FPG Marketing and Promotion Manager Chris Brand said. "We have been really happy with the actors that we’ve used — they’ve all been terrific.”

Brand doesn’t refer to the male talent as “models” but as “actors.”

“We make the guys do a lot more than just have sex, we ask them to step out of their comfort zone and act.”

Exclusively distributed by Pulse Distribution , FPG Entertainment is based in Washington.

“We’ve done most of our shoots in California or Florida,” Brand said. “However, we are hoping that we will eventually become D.C.-based. To my knowledge, no other gay studio has been borne out of D.C. and there’s a lot our nation’s capitol has to offer in the way of hot, gay men.”

"Punks," and the upcoming "TopDawgs," which releases Nov. 20, were both produced by Marco Guerra and directed by Cameron Finn.

“Marco and Cameron have 20-25 years of industry experience between them — both in the mainstream world of film and TV and the gay adult world,” Brand said. “We begin shooting our next production, “Betrayed,” in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., at the end of October. It’s about a pro wrestling promotion that has fallen on hard times and the mob decides to step in.” “Betrayed” will star Trey Casteel, Jose Esteban, Kyle York, Joe Strong, Kurt Wild, Bigg Pete and Luke Riley.

"Punks," which is available now, features an up-and-coming cast that includes R.C. Ryan, Logan Robbins, Albert Long, Nikolay Petrov, Jay Armstrong and Wade Mohawk. November's "TopDawgs" stars Cole Ryan, Dak Ramsey, Alexy Tyler, R.C. Ryan, Trey Casteel and Todd Welch.

Brand also hints that by the start of the new year, FPG will have their very first exclusive model.

“It all comes down to the quality,” Brand said. “With the amount of gay product on the market, we wanted to make sure that we stood out from the rest. We believe that the consumer wants to see fully developed storyline titles — with a sports twist. It’s very difficult to start up a small, quality company these days, but I believe that we’ve done it right.”