Design Shop Debuts Dual-Use Monkey Rocker Tango

Anne Winter
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Design Shop, makers of the renowned human-powered Monkey Rocker sex machine, has unveiled the Tango, a Monkey Rocker made for two.

Design Shop owner Daniel Siechart told XBIZ that he planned to develop a couples-specific machine after first creating the Monkey Rocker Classic, and the design came together quickly because they share the same human-powered concept.

"We knew all along the basics of what the geometry would be like," Siechart said. "It was a matter of establishing the right distance [between the dildos] to get people close to each other — but not too close — so that it will accommodate a variety of body sizes and types."

The Monkey Rocker Tango comes with several dildo attachment options and fits almost any flare-based dildo, Siechart said.

Users either can screw a nylon attachment to the thrust plate to accommodate any Vac-U-Lock or Redi-Lock toy, or connect an O-ring to the sides of the thrust arms to allow for any higher-end silicone dildos to be attached.

The Monkey Rocker Tango currently is available only at online retailers and, which Siechart said is the leading Monkey Rocker retailer so far.

"They were our very first and always sold more than anyone else," Siechart said.

The Monkey Rocker Tango is set to retail for $1,500.