New Titles From Pitbull Available on NakedSword

Joanne Cachapero
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Gay pay-per-view provider NakedSword, operated by video-on-demand network AEBN, has announced an exclusive broadcast of Pitbull Productions' three newest titles. “Holla Back Boi,” “Da Hating Game” and “Take it Like a Man, Vol. 1: Azz on Fire” will be available on the NakedSword network at the end of October.

In addition, NakedSword-AEBN will be debuting a fourth title, “The Best of Thugporn 2,” which will go live this week, to coincide with a profile on Pitbull exclusive model Supreme on the NakedSword-AEBN special features.

AEBN is committed to bringing innovative PPV online services to Internet users,” Pitbull Productions executive producer Edwardo Militello said. “PPV is one of our most important markets and the continued strategic alliance with AEBN will provide new opportunities for us to further enhance our business. AEBN is the global PPV powerhouse. AEBN makes doing business easy and even fun.”

New York-based Pitbull Productions specializes in the gay urban/ethnic niche and features a lineup of the genre’s well-known performers including Tiger Tyson, Supreme, Viper, Dillon, Jason Tiya, Thugzilla, Mr. Sauki and KB.

“Take it Like a Man: Vol 1: Azz on Fire,” one of the titles scheduled to broadcast on Naked Sword, is the first of a new series for Pitbull. It features Cass, J Wheels, Kapone X, Nubius, Remy Mars, Slim Thug and Swift.

“Holla Back Boi” features Rudy, Vokalz, Big Smoke, Colby, Mr. Goodbar, Debonair, Impulse, Thugzilla and newbie performer Vivid.

“Da Hating Game” showcases Ace, Antonie, Cass, Element, JT, Juulz, Marcus and Mike, as well as the return of popular performer Lex Laziruss.

All three of the new titles are directed by Jalin Fuentes.

Representatives from Naked Sword-AEBN will be on hand at this weekend’s Gay Erotic Expo, held in New York City.

“I'll be seeing the whole Pitbull crew when I travel up to New York this weekend, and I can't wait to see them again,” NakedSword-AEBN's Chris Baker said. “Their films are consistently best sellers and it's no surprise given the combination of production, direction and talent they've put into each one of them.”