SiN2.0 Launches Consumer Review Widget

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Touted as the world’s first social media site dedicated to sex information, has launched an interactive consumer rating and review widget, which is a tool that enables webmasters to add third-party content to a site automatically and in this case allows bloggers and website publishers to add full-featured consumer rating and social media functionality to their sites.

The SiN2.0 "bump" button can now be added to a website or blog allowing consumers to post ratings and reviews, and browse the ratings and reviews of other related articles. SiN2.0’s widget is an optimal tool for community building for both websites and bloggers by soliciting feedback from their readership, the company said.

“SiN2.0 is the amplifier for all things sex in the online community," said Jason B. Hart, president of Northstar Productions, which operates the SiN2.0 network. "Our new ‘bump’ widget makes it easy for anyone to get their message on SiN2.0 where our sinners can comment and vote on the topic.

"And with search engines like Google looking at inbound links as a scoring factor, the ‘bump’ widget is a great tool to simplify the process of getting more links to your website’s content."

Lindsay Michael of Pointer Advertising loves what the widget can do for marketing and advertising, and said: “The SiN 2.0 widget is a great tool for traffic while allowing others to spread the word on some really interesting topics. SiN2.0 allows the masses to be heard in one place, for all to see and vote on. It can only bring the adult community together for the best sex information on the net."

To install the SiN2.0 widget, click here.