Spartacus Expands Distribution in Germany, Australia, U.K.

Anne Winter
PORTLAND, Ore. — Fetish specialty manufacturer Spartacus Enterprises has expanded its worldwide distribution with deals in Germany, Australia and the U.K. — the company's largest international expansion plan.

Spartacus has signed with German distribution company ST Rubber, whose catalog will feature three pages of Spartacus cock rings, nipple clamps and other leather gear.

This deal followed recent agreements with U.K.-based 1on1 Wholesale , Australian distribution company CalVista, which carries a selection of point-of-purchase items, and Canada-based Landco, which reportedly carries the most complete Spartacus selection in the country.

"We value our distributor relationships very highly, both at home and abroad," Spartacus Sales and Marketing Manager Sean Christensen said. "We want to devote as much time as possible to product innovation and perfection. A distribution business model helps us spend more time perfecting our brand and product line."

In addition to its recent international distribution expansion, Spartacus also will be present at the Venus Fair in Berlin beginning Thursday, where Christensen said the company plans to meet new international contacts and strengthen existing relationships.